With prior consent from your organization, Secure Solutionz will use a phased approach to perform all aspects of non-invasive external and internal penetration testing, including the use of extensive toolsets and leading technologies in the industry.  At the conclusion of testing Secure Solutionz will provide a comprehensive report outlining the results of the engagement including positive and negative themes identified. Each report summarizes weaknesses found throughout the testing and provides recommendations for mitigation actions along with impact assessment ratings for each vulnerability.  All testing is carefully controlled and is conducted in a manner that avoids network outages and maintains data integrity.


Secure Solutionz recognizes that organizations are under regulatory pressure to bring their systems into alignment with FISMA, NIST, OMB and Agency/department policies.   In a partnership with us, Secure Solutionz  can assist you in enhancing existing processes  to strengthen the security posture of your organization.

Secure Solutionz’s hybrid approach involves both automated scans and manual validation and verification to identify specific configuration and implementation weaknesses within your network and of your applications.  This apporach leaves you with a sound process for responding to and mitigating threats to your organization.  Our report includes analysis of findings along with risk mitigations solutions for improving security. All testing is carefully controlled and is conducted in a manner that avoids network outages and maintains data integrity.



Secure Solutionz is well versed in performing Quantitative & Qualitative Risk Analysis of systems, which combine knowledge of business objectives, information flow, safeguard requirements, network architecture, and operational policies, standards, guidelines and procedures. This results in identification of critical assets, an understanding of internal and external threats, and a prioritized set of cost-effective safeguards.  Our Risk Assessment approach aligns with the emergence of the new NIST Risk Management Framework outlined in NIST SP 800-37 revision 1 and provides a mechanism for our clients to implement an efficient and effective program for managing risk to the enterprise.
















Secure Solutionz specializes in providing effective Technology and Strategic Business Solutions to its clients and is esteemed as one of the best technology consultancy corporations in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Run by a bench of staffs who possess unparalleled efficiency, experience and expertise, the company has often collaborated with some of the best IT firms of the world to execute high-performance business operations.















Secure Solutionz offers a myriad of mission support and information technology services necessary to assist the Government in delivering quality products within respective timeframes at reasonable costs.