Our Network Operations Services focus on the operation, administration, maintenance and provision of network systems to enhance the configuration and performance of your business. By incorporating the planning, control, allocation, deployment and monitoring of network resources, we can ensure peek performance and management of network operations.

Secure Solutionz can help your organization develop, augment, or adjust secure  configuration settings for your workstations, servers, mobile applications, and network devices.  Secure Solutionz uses NIST Special Publictions, organizational baseline security requirements, and The Center for Internet Security Benchmarks (CIS) as references.  Additionally, our security engineers can help your organization continually monitor and manage your systems to avoid security holes.  Secure solutionz can help you tweak security configuration settings as software is updated or patched.  These configuration changes will only be applied after Change Control Board review and approval.

Secure Solutionz Network Engineers can review your organizational business requirements and help you asertain the right techlology solution

based on your business processes and strategies. We can design, implement and integrate custom and packaged IT systems to maximize the adaptability, scalability and performance of your network.




Secure Solutionz can conduct  SCA testing of your General Support System or Major Application in an effort to ascertain your agencies compliance with defined security control requirements listed in NIST SP 800-53A revision 4 guidelines, “Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems,”  and any organization specific guidelines.  Upon completion of testing we will provide you with a comprehensive report that include  identified vulnerabilities and risk mitigation strategies.
















Secure Solutionz offers a myriad of mission support and information technology services necessary to assist the Government in delivering quality products within respective timeframes at reasonable costs.















Secure Solutionz specializes in providing effective Technology and Strategic Business Solutions to its clients and is esteemed as one of the best technology consultancy corporations in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Run by a bench of staffs who possess unparalleled efficiency, experience and expertise, the company has often collaborated with some of the best IT firms of the world to execute high-performance business operations.