Secure Solutionz offers a myriad of mission support and information technology services necessary to assist the Government in delivering quality products within respective timeframes at reasonable costs.















Secure Solutionz specializes in providing effective Technology and Strategic Business Solutions to its clients and is esteemed as one of the best technology consultancy corporations in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Run by a bench of staffs who possess unparalleled efficiency, experience and expertise, the company has often collaborated with some of the best IT firms of the world to execute high-performance business operations.
















Secure Solutionz partners with organizations throughout the country to deliver the most comprehensive professional environment and innovative technology solutions to our clients. Our partners share a commitment to client satisfaction, product performance and overall service excellence.
















Secure Solutionz provides strategic consulting technology services and strategic business services to commercial, not for profit and Government organizations. Our solutions can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations improve their performance.

Our Records Management services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance the performance of your business. By incorporating governance, risk management and compliance throughout end-to-end electronic document solutions, we can ensure the secure transition of records through Oracle Database Integration.

Our Cyber Security services focus on developing robust, secure and stable cyber security solutions for your business. By incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology solutions into the protection of computing devices, we can ensure the deliverance of precise and reliable security measures to ensure confidentiality and integrity of assets, as well as availability to data.



Our Network Operations Services focus on the operation, administration, maintenance and provision of network systems to enhance the configuration and performance of your business. By incorporating the planning, control, allocation, deployment and monitoring of network resources, we can ensure peek performance and management of network operations.


Our Help Desk Services focus on integrated results-driven solutions designed to enhance the performance of your business. By incorporating the latest technology solutions, we can ensure high quality customer service assistance and results.